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We value integrity, loyalty and passion. These three things drive us to be the best we can be in designing, product development and production. We strive for open communication in all interactions; between client and contractor. Thus, a question is never left unanswered nor a challenge left unmet. We pride ourselves in problem-solving from every angle to help you achieve your desired vision. 


Halle Grano and Shannon Weidel founded LADYSMYTH, INC. in 2015. Best friends from college, they wanted to create a business that brought all their talents together. Having both fashion design and production backgrounds, they saw that there is often a disconnect between the two. We formed LADYSMYTH, INC. specifically to bridge this gap. Streamlining the process, thus gaining more efficient results. This tool has helped our clients achieve their goals and view LADYSMYTH, INC. as a valuable extension of their team.